An entirely new way of converting data

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When organizations migrate data to new applications, systems or outsourced services, Zengines automates the end-to-end data conversion process.

Automating data conversions with Zengines reduces the risk, time and cost associated with implementing new technologies.

Scanning data as it makes it way through the Knowledge graph

Features and benefits



Analyze the data requirements of your new system and generate data conversion specifications based on your existing system.



Automatically generate the code needed to match, transform, load, and test your data conversion project.


Govern & Control

Govern and control the conversion effort with our built-in processes and program management tools


Reduced Costs

Conversions consume up to a third of the time set aside for migrations. By automating these processes Zengines helps take cost out of your migrations.


Managed Risk

The complexity of the conversion process makes them tricky to manage. Our built-in processes and project visibility tools help your teams control risk.


Automated Expertise

In most conversions, experts are asked to work on everything, overloading scarce resources. Zengines reduces reliance on experts and automates manual tasks – freeing time of valuable staff.