Meet Zengines

At Zengines we’ve brought together experts from data science, data management, enterprise software and consulting to address one of the toughest challenges in digital transformation today: how to shorten and improve the quality of system migrations. How do we accelerate the process of putting an organization's new systems -- enterprise applications, platforms and services -- into production?  

Data conversion between source and target systems is a difficult problem and the biggest obstacle to successful system migrations today. Data conversion is the process of taking data found in current production systems and transforming it for use in new production systems or outsourced business services. Today, data conversion is a complex, manual, expensive and error prone process that produces unpredictable and unacceptable business results.

Zengines is offering a new end-to-end SaaS solution for converting data as an alternative to a piecemeal approach that relies on large teams of hard-to-find subject matter experts and business analysts.

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An entirely new way of converting data.