An entirely new way of converting data

Unlike today's data integration solutions, Zengines uses AI/ML models powered by the ZKG, our industry-specific knowledge graph, to automate the data conversion process end-to-end.

Industry-leading organizations use Zengines to:

How it works

Generate the specification

The Zengines algorithms uses your data and metadata and our industry-specific knowledge graph (ZKG) to generate the data conversion specifications.

Generate the specification

Convert data

Zengines executes the data conversion specification, translating your source data into target data.

Validate and verify

Zengines verifies and validates that the data was converted properly. This includes comparing output between the source and target systems and performing business and technical reconciliation.

Validate and verify
Full control

Control the entire process

The Zengines Platform gives the conversion team one place to get project information, which improves team coordination, supports better project management and reduces project risk.

An entirely new way of converting data.