Meet Zengines

March 10, 2023

Have you ever been involved in migrating a legacy computer system to a new platform? If so, you’ll agree it’s an amazingly difficult job.  

Whether switching vendors, moving to the cloud or undergoing a complex digital transformation, companies struggle with converting their data from where it lives to where it needs to be. Projects often take multiple years, cost millions of dollars, and typically run far over budget. Yet, despite the cost and urgency, the tools and methods for converting data are basic and not built-for-purpose; most heavy lifting is still performed manually with SQL scripts and spreadsheets. Even after systems migrations are declared finished, a lack of data analysis, testing and conversion tools can lead to low quality or incomplete data – resulting in rework or even failure after the new systems go live.  

With decades of experience and hundreds of projects under our belts, the team at Zengines knew there had to be a better way. In 2020 we founded Zengines to make it easier and faster for companies to move their data to new software platforms; our vision is a future where data conversions are frictionless and companies are no longer chained to their legacy systems and data.

Since our founding we have invested tens of thousands of hours into R&D solving the many challenges our customers face analyzing, mapping, and loading data into new systems. Zengines uses the latest in AI, machine learning models and data science to support the data conversion process end-to-end.

As companies and industries become increasingly dependent on software, their agility and speed of technology adoption will determine the winners and losers. For those companies looking for a competitive advantage, Zengines has developed an entirely new way of converting data.TM  

Welcome to Zengines, and to the launch of our blog, Accelerator. It is our intent to share all the tips, technologies, and data conversion best practices we can offer. Our goal is to help your IT & business teams unleash their productivity in every way we can. To help, we have recruited our highly experienced data conversion consultants, product experts, engineers, and outside contributors to write articles for Accelerator. We welcome you to subscribe and we will keep you posted of articles and news.

If you have any tips or experience you’d like to share with the Zengines team, please email us at or fill out our contact form on the website. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

- Team Zengines

Zengines has created an entirely new way of converting data. The Zengines AI platform automates the end-to-end data conversion process, reducing the time, cost and risk associated with data conversions, system migrations and data onboarding for a variety of business solutions. Zengines is used by leading enterprises, software vendors and consultants across multiple industries