AI-powered Data Conversion For Enterprise System Migrations

March 10, 2023

AI-powered Data Conversion

For Enterprise System Migrations

Zengines reduces the time, cost and risk of Enterprise System Migrations

The pace of change for businesses today is unrelenting and accelerating. To remain competitive, every business must invest in digital transformation, new software applications, innovative managed services, and next generation cloud-based solutions. There is no choice – and you can’t leave your data behind.

Companies spend more than $100B each year converting data to new business systems. The data conversion problem has always been messy and complex – and severely constrains an organization’s ability to execute their business and technology strategy.

Typically, teams of industry experts are deployed to support the data conversion process. While these experts bring talent and project methodologies, the tools to support their work have not kept pace. Data conversion projects still rely on spreadsheets and custom code to do the heavy lifting.

With Zengines, there is a better way.

An entirely new way of converting dataTM

Zengines has developed industry-specific AI models that dramatically improve the speed at which data is analyzed, matched, transformed, and loaded into new target systems.

The Zengines platform supports the end-to-end data conversion process with three major components.

1. Analyzer.Identifydatarequirements for new target systems and analyze the data and schemas of the source systems that are being replaced.

2. Mapper.Generatefieldandcodelistmatchings,performneededdata transformations, quality checks, and business rules.

3. Loader.Loadthetargetsystemswiththetransformeddatadirectlythrough load files or APIs. Test and validate that the conversion was completed correctly.


Reduced Costs

Conversions consume up to a third of the time set aside for migrations. By automating these processes Zengines helps take cost out of your migrations.

Managed Risk

The complexity of the conversion process makes them tricky to manage. Our built-in processes and project visibility tools help your teams control risk.

Automated Expertise

In most conversions, experts are asked to work on everything, overloading scarce resources. Zengines reduces reliance on experts and automates manual tasks – freeing time of valuable staff. •

An entirely new way of converting data

The power of AI

By training AI-models with industry-specific data, it is now possible to automate tasks that required expert knowledge, such as: Project scoping
Data cleansing and enrichment
Mapping and transformations (including many-to-many)

Testing and reconciliation Without Zengines

Conversions are done using
people –
some mix of internal,
vendor, professional services, with Excel and SQL, and usually requiring some technical expertise.

Conversions require expertise in both the source and target systems.

There is incomplete understanding of current data and its issues. Business knows the data is “bad” but don’t know where, why, or how to fix it.

Data transformations are individually hand-crafted for each element being migrated. The process is prone to errors that aren’t identified until much later.

Parallel testing of the old and new systems is done by hand, usually by operations personnel who have “day jobs” and lasts for months.

With Zengines

Every step in the data conversion process is supported

by intelligent software that is usable by a business analyst.

“Translator expertise” is already embed- ded inside Zengines and it continuously learns from each project.

Data is analyzed and profiled within minutes,

giving business a comprehensive view of their data to drive data quality improvements and testing.

Most transformations are generated automatically. Complex transformations can be designed and tested within a tailored Zengines UI.

Special cross-system testing tools enormously simplify the testing and comparison process. Testing results flow directly back into Zengines to iteratively

improves data over the life of the project.

An entirely new way of converting data • •